Other Ceremonies


Commitment ceremony.

This ceremony is designed for couples that have decided to share a life together but are not ready to formalise their relationship in marriage. In their relationship they have determined that they are made for each other, and they want to demonstrate this loving commitment to their family and friends, in a very open and public way to demonstrate just how exceptional their loving relationship is.

Renewal of vows.

These ceremonies have become very popular with couples that have been married for a number of years. Some couples choose to re-enact what happened on their original wedding day, often on the occasion of a significant anniversary such as the 10th, 25th or even Golden wedding anniversary. What they really want to do is reaffirm the vows and loving commitment made to each other on their original wedding day. They may even choose to make new promises that express their mature relationship.

This ceremony is also ideal for couples that married overseas and now wish to celebrate their special occasion with family members and friends who were unable to attend the actual wedding service overseas or interstate.


A naming ceremony is not a baptism or a christening, it is an occasion when new birth is celebrated and a child welcomed into the world of family and friends. Many people that have a non active religious belief are now choosing the non religious service to celebrate the birth of their child and this leaves the child free to choose or not, later in life, to be baptised in a religion of their choice.

Same sex commitments

Gay marriages have not yet been recognised in law, but a commitment ceremony will reflect your special bond in a meaningful and public way. The ceremony can be as traditional or contemporary as you wish and I can assist in developing a sensitive and joyful service that truly reflects your commitment and love for each other.

My commitment to you

I am a professional celebrant who will personalise your ceremony to suite your individuality and accommodate your special requirements.
Whatever the occasion, a wedding, renewal of vows or same sex commitments I will ensure that your special day will fulfil your desires and aspirations to create a memorable special event

I believe the relationship between couples and the celebrant is vitally important. My services includes an obligation free consultation to discuss your ceremony and help guide you thru any appropriate legal details. I will also prepare and present unique ceremonial certificates for both formal marriages and the other ceremonies.

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